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Thread: 355 Kit

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    355 Kit

    Hey guys,

    How you all doing?? Im new to this forum, ive been reading up on all the info you guys have been posting on here for a few weeks and you all seem to know a lot about kits & replicars.

    Ive just got a few questions which im guessing you have all answered 10,000 times over..

    Im actually from Sydney Australia.. ive been researching kits here for over 5 years and been dieing to start up a project on a 355 berlinetta or spyder.

    Now my problem is i obviously need to buy a 355 kit from the states and ship it here.. but im a little worried about purchasing a kit that ive never seen!

    How safe is it buying a kit and getting it shipped here..? ive been looking around in the paper and mags and found a few places that sell 86 to 87 fiero's in fairly good condition, if i get a kit from the US will it be too hard to put it on a fiero that is now a right hand drive??

    Im all alone here on this, kitcars are not that popular here in Sydney.. there are very very few and the ones that do go around are ugly as hell so if i was able to complete a kit 355 here no one would ever know it was a kit.

    So if anyone could help me, it seems like you guys are all pretty experienced and quite hepful on this topic..

    Thanks for any advice


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    Re:355 Kit


    I'm from the UK and have had my MR2 turned into a F355 replica and created a website

    Since creating this site I have so much interest in my car that the company asked if I would sell the kits over the net for them. So after some discussions I now sell the kit £500 cheaper than the factory (buy there request). Also here is a link to a customer build page to give you some ideas what’s involved.


    David<br />Toyota MR2 Turbo with BAD kit and Real Ferrari F355 wheels.

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    Re:355 Kit

    First off, welcome to the forum! You will find that there are alot of people here just like you ho have never built a kit before, several like me who are in the process and also a few who have completed one if not more kits.

    Most of the kits here in the USA have been designed to fit on a Fiero frame. Some kits require a 3" stretch while others do not. If you chose to build a spyder you will also have to cut the top off and reinforce the frame. Myself and many others will be more than willing to guide you in the right direction and can also show you photos etc..

    As for a right hand drive Fiero, that will not have any effect on the outside of the car. Where you might find a challange in with the dash board. I personally do not know of anyone who is making a right hand drive dash but someone on here might be able to help you there.

    When you chose a kit, be very careful who you buy it from. There are as many crooks out there as their is honest manufactuers. Keep your eyes out also of private parties selling kits as well. If you find one, ask everyone on here if they live near the seller and maybe they would go and check out the kit for you.

    Good luck with you search!!

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    Re:355 Kit

    how much are these MR2 kits? can they work on NorthAmerican MR2's?


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    Re:355 Kit

    Only second generation MR2s, we never got those here in Canada :P

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    Re:355 Kit

    If you look on my website you will see an yellow Mr2 Based 355. It isn't the Ish car.... this one is much more accurate. The headlights have been brought forward to be more like the real thing.

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    Re:355 Kit

    They fit all SW20 type MR2's be it Euro spec or US spec I have a Japanese import MR2 Turbo because in the UK we did not get the Turbo car just the 2.0i 16v.

    David<br />Toyota MR2 Turbo with BAD kit and Real Ferrari F355 wheels.

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