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Thread: Mini Aston Martin or mini SLR ?

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    Mini Aston Martin or mini SLR ?

    Hi there,

    As many of you might have seen in recent news Aston Martin will be releasing a new model called the Cygnet which is a mini sized Aston. Really its a modified Toyota iQ that has passed through the hands of Aston Martin and had some plastic surgery. A new nose, a modified rear and a luxurious interior will make this exclusive Aston sell for 3 times more than a normal iQ.

    Why doesn´t someone come up with a similar idea for the SMART 4 Two. These cars have been around for over 10 years now and the early models can be picked up for a decent price. Body panels can be unbolted with ease so a SMART with a new nose and some subtle modifications could be made cheaply.

    How about this idea I have thought of. A SMART with a Maclaren front. I'm sure it could be done. Just the ideal runabout for the city. Check out the pictures. What do you think.

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    Re: Mini Aston Martin or mini SLR ?

    ;D That's funny! It could be the super car in the new spy movie spin off "0.07 Bond, Bearer Bond." ;D

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