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Thread: For you Batmobile fans

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    For you Batmobile fans

    Just take a look, i can't begin to describe this one.

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    Re: For you Batmobile fans

    Why? :S I actually made sure i swallowed my drink before i turned my head to see what was loading on my screen. I just couldny trust that i wasnt going to spit it out everywhere. Im glad i took that precaution lol You all should really warn people with this stuff! haha

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    Re: For you Batmobile fans

    I love the pitbike on the rear hood !!

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    Re: For you Batmobile fans


    I'm sure that will have no problem passing state inspection! :
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    Re: For you Batmobile fans

    I wonder if this guy actually paid money to place this on Ebay?

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    Re: For you Batmobile fans

    Myself, i love the bats hanging all over the car. My favorite is the bat perched right on top of the engine.

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    Re: For you Batmobile fans

    God thats just awful, there was on on ebay a few years ago which was a perfect copy even had a twin turbo engine

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