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Thread: Dino kit

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    Dino kit

    Since I've joined the site I have received some great advice from a half dozen members regarding a few kits I have had questions about - the 308, 328 and the 355. But the best advice of all was to take my time and look at as many kits as I could before committing to one of them. So, since then I have looked at few others and have found another kit that peaks my interest... the Deon Ferrari Dino kit. To me it looks similar to the real thing, probably the best Dino kit made. Living in Canada I'd have a really hard time trying to get a turnkey one over here from the UK. The one that is most common in North America is the Kelmark and it does look somewhat like the Dino I find it a bit bulky and not as refined as the Deon or the real Dino (IMO). Does anyone own a Dino replica, Deon or a Kelmark who could share little info about these kits?

    Thanks again for the help and advice guys - great site!

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    Re: Dino kit

    Like this? Fiero based

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    Re: Dino kit

    The only thing I know about the Ferrari Dino is that they have flimsy switches! Many years ago in the early 70s I went to see a friend of mine who was baby sitting. Out in the garage was a Dino Ferrari. This was the first Ferrari I ever saw in real life. Of course I had to sit in it and play with every thing. Well, I was flicking the switches and one broke off in my fingers. OOps....
    We glued it back on and never heard anything about it. Other than that, great cars!

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    Re: Dino kit

    Wow. I guess I hadn't searched as deep into the Dino kit as I thought I did. So lovef501, who makes this kit? I'll google fiero dino and see what comes up but if you have anymore pics or info about the kit I'd like to hear more.

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    Re: Dino kit

    Me too. I think they look awesome. The Elise reminds me a bit of the Dino. MacGyver, I bet the switch was already broken and the owner glued it back on once already.

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    Re: Dino kit

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    Re: Dino kit

    Norm does still have the molds that made the yellow Dino above for sure and I think he made the red one above as well as a couple and the customer cut the roof off. He took the molds right off a real Dino and then fitted everything to the Fiero so the fender shapes etc. are all good. Just changed up for the windscreen and roof. I think he asked around the $4k mark for the panels but he would be the one to confirm or deny that.

    The great thing about this kit, like the 308 etc. is you don't need to cut the Fiero frame like the rest of ours and the panels fit on pretty easily. If you got the kit and put in a Lotus windshield or even a Geo or Neon screen, it would really finish off the look. I find with our builds the windscreen is just too flat to finish the look.

    I know there was also a fellow forum member on here trying to sell his Dino kit for a while last year but I am not sure what happened to him. I think he is in the States though so you are in the same problem of getting it across the border.

    I drove one of these replicas back in 2005 while still in Calgary. The fellow was looking for $10 k for it. Hindsight being 20/20, I should have grabbed it then. Can't find it now.

    I think Norm is your best bet at this point to get the panels.

    Good luck

    308 Ferrari replica
    Prova Countach 5000QV

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    Re: Dino kit

    I don't know how close you are to Detroit, but a shell shows up every so often on Craigslist. I inquired on it a while ago. I think they wanted $800 for it.

    Bob custom '84 Fiero SE --->>> custom F408

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    Re: Dino kit

    lovef501, that link was great. There was a lot of info there. The UK one does closer to the real Dino but there's always the problem of importing.

    Don, thanks for the info on Norm's Dino kit. Is there anything and anybody you don't know?

    RCR, I'll keep my eyes peeled on Craigslist, kijiji and ebay.

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    Re: Dino kit

    A heads up - Norm's website is no longer running. I guess the only way to get more info is via email or phone.

    Thanks again guys - this is a great site with awesome people!

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