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Thread: Mad Mechanics going down hill !

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    Mad Mechanics going down hill !

    I'm afraid to say that everytime I come on here to have a look about, see what's new in the kitcar world all I see are post's from people having a go at each other..

    What's happened to all the decent people ? Where are all the project's that were on going and made visiting this site a pleasure and something you could sit down with a brew and spend 10 minutes reading everyday !

    Anyone else feel like this ?

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    Re: Mad Mechanics going down hill !

    I follow ya. I remember viewing this site when you were building your DNA 3sixty. Very inspiring! Even though my membership is new, I have been visiting this site an unholy number of times since 2006 and even before that. I have never seen such bitterness here. I have been putting away money since 2006 and thought I was finally ready to make deals with a few people on here and then all this crap started erupting. Needless to say, I have put my project on hold. The only one I have had contact with recently is Joe from Inland Exotics and a few calls to DNA Autoworks in Maryland. Time is on my side, so I'm not really concerned with that, but I am concerned about this forum. The moderators need to get in here before this site starts recieving subpoenas and such. Just terrible these days.

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    Re: Mad Mechanics going down hill !

    Several members complained about Funnywheels censoring post and locking threads. WELL YOU SEE WHAT YOU GET WITHOUT RULES. I miss Funnywheels, these threads would have been locked within two to three post. The posters warned and if continued, BANNED. This is unhealthy to the site. ARI banned IKR for posting smiley faces but yet allows these three to continue to behave the way they do, go figure.

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    Re: Mad Mechanics going down hill !

    So who's running this Forum right now, if Funnywheels is out??
    Life is too short to be driving Hondas!

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    Re: Mad Mechanics going down hill !

    Count me in. It's frustrating seeing all of the bickering. Take it elsewhere. You go to the build section and there's absolutely nothing there. Pages and pages of "i'll post pics later" or carefully staged photos, or bickering.

    I must be overly frustrated that I can't get outside and work on my own stuff...

    another $.02 worth...

    Bob custom '84 Fiero SE --->>> custom F408

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    Re: Mad Mechanics going down hill !

    cdrskull is an old tiomer here..
    He hardly come in anymore for a reason..i used to treat this forum as my home and every forumers as brothers in the same roof..but heck...what i get in return?

    I dont hink cdrskull will get ban for posting this..

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    Re: Mad Mechanics going down hill !

    It's like Bevery Hills 90210

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    Re: Mad Mechanics going down hill !

    So, is there another forum worth visiting for kit info and build info ?

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    Re: Mad Mechanics going down hill !

    Yeah go over to A bunch of guys that have actually completed cars too.

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    Re: Mad Mechanics going down hill !

    Quote Originally Posted by goyal99

    So who's running this Forum right now, if Funnywheels is out??
    Ari is the main guy but right now Dan "powerhouse" is the moderator I have to agree it has gotten I bit out of hand there is about 3 threads going on right now about the reventon kit and another 3 or 4 about murci-me almost every current post has bickering between members then they jump to a different topic and start the bickering all over again.

    Quote Originally Posted by conan
    So, is there another forum worth visiting for kit info and build info ?
    There is other sites like that have a forum but this is by far the best site out there. we have a little of everything kit car related.

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