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Thread: Audi Tranaxle

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    Audi Tranaxle

    Question, anyone using the Audi 5000s transaxle? If so, please tell me how long it is.



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    Re: Audi Tranaxle

    A bit of a long thread with several examples but this one will give you Audi specs as well.

    I have a picture with measurements as well if you want it. I am not at my home computer right now so I can get it on here tomorrow.

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    Re: Audi Tranaxle

    26" overall
    8" to axle cl<br />

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    Re: Audi Tranaxle

    I thought that it is closer to 28" over all, not that the extra 2" would matter that much in most cases

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    Re: Audi Tranaxle

    I have 2 transaxles here. An AAZ or AZZ ( i cant remember) and one that states USA and then a serial number. The AAZ is 26 " and the other is over 27" it also has different axle flanges, they are splined shafts instead of the five bolt flange.

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    Re: Audi Tranaxle


    The reason why I ask is because The 915 rebuilt is quite expensive. I hear some guy are quite satisfied with the Audi box. My biggest problem with the 915 is the length and placement of the shift fork. Great for the 911, horrible for us, lol.

    Also, the sheer expense of the 915 is pretty steep. After it was all said and done i'm at close to 7k for my box. I could get 5 audi's remanned audi's for that price, lol

    There are a few models out there. What is the year make and model that I need?

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    Re: Audi Tranaxle

    84-88 Audi 5000S or 5000s turbo, FWD, one is 016 and other is AAZ. good luck finding one.

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