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Thread: have you seen this???

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    have you seen this???

    am i late in catching this one or does the new 05 concept look lots like the shelby gt500?
    im not even a mustang guy and this one got me.

    anyone know where to sell a bodypart?

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    Re:have you seen this???

    Looks pretty good.

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    Re:have you seen this???

    The car was intentionally redesigned for '05 to have the retro looks of the '67 - '68 Mustangs. I would consider myself to be a bigger Mustang guy than any other car out there (although I'm in a Ferrari/Lambo kitcar forum and I drive a Miata, heh). The motor on that car is going to kick some serious ass, although being a 1st gen, I'm wondering what problems they'll have with it. Wonder if people will be blowing them up like when the 1st gen '03 SVT Cobra came out... we'll have to see. Anyway, I'll probably end up getting one of these '05 Mustangs when they come out. Just beautiful. And blown from the factory, baby!

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    Re:have you seen this???

    i will try and blow one up and let you know.. hehe
    anyone know where to sell a bodypart?

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