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Thread: Murci-Me is gone?

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    Murci-Me is gone?

    Murci-Me is gone? and his build dairy is missing as well... is there anything i missed out?

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    Re: Murci-Me is gone?

    I think BondoMike left the forum. I heard he sometimes checks his PMs but getting a return mail is like winning the lottery. Actually you might have better luck winning the jackpot.

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    Re: Murci-Me is gone?

    I tried to find his build log as well, no luck.

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    Re: Murci-Me is gone?

    Ive been trying to find him to no avail

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    Re: Murci-Me is gone?

    my guess is, it has something to do with his court case

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    Re: Murci-Me is gone?

    i thought murcie me said that there will be no case at all, and that mercenary is all talk. so if murcie me felt so good about everything he did, then why worried and take out all his photos etc? ???

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    Re: Murci-Me is gone?

    guys, before this thread devolves into straight silliness, does anyone have a link to his build thread? on this or any other webpage?

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