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Thread: Mclaren F1 from Poland.

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    Mclaren F1 from Poland.

    No BS either

    This kit looks good.

    Tube Chassis with a BMW V-12 in all just like the real Mclaren F1.

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    Re: Mclaren F1 from Poland.

    kurwa ala to auto. Gdzie mogej kupiec?
    (a little of my polish )

    Anyways this looks pretty close, do they have a site? Or do you know what city they are in?

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    Re: Mclaren F1 from Poland.

    Here is the google Translation of his info with email address, If you look at video part 8 it looks like there are about four cars in the works at the time of the video.

    About Me: hello
    Automotive is a part of my interest. This is what I am interested in them, the construction of the body, frame and suspension (ie, what is the hardest). The secret of the lightness and strength of each structure is in addition to the materials - the shape of load-bearing structures and working. Styling thing in a Supporting Role - to just enjoy the eye. My proposal for F1 is adapted to any engine from V12 - W12 after the other smaller. Since 1986 he has devoted his own designs for more than 30 000 hours. The plans frame (monocoque) of composites, fine-tuning the suspension and body styling revision. Fun continues .......
    ------------------------------ ------------
    - Dimensions
    4350x2000x1160 ground clearance 120mm
    ride height adjustment range 60-180mm
    - Base of the main parts
    - Base of the other parts
    12 different cars
    - Suspension, frame, cabin
    design your own
    - Body
    design your own styling based on the F1
    ------------------------------ ------------

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    Re: Mclaren F1 from Poland.

    Watched part 13.

    I didn't know the AUDI V8 4.2 can sound so sweet!

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    Re: Mclaren F1 from Poland.

    Now, that's a project the looks ORIGINAL, refreshing and the engine sounds fantastic! Kudos to you recoil for your dedication and craftsmanship..... 8)

    Personally I'm a little "tired" looking at the same old Lambo and Ferrari replica builds....this replica offers different challenges and looks very authentic...

    It seems that ALL the interesting and innovating replica builds these days are coming from overseas, like the UK, Poland, Thailand etc .....Don't you guys have recession in your countries?? ;D I'm sure this kit is neither cheap to buy or easy to build.

    Keep up the great work
    Life is too short to be driving Hondas!

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    Re: Mclaren F1 from Poland.

    The guy does have a site or at least there weas a write up on it one of the sites, but for the life of me I can not remember nor find a link to it any longer. However I beleive he is somewhere close to German border
    My Polish is very bad these days but in one of the messages I beleive it was the builder that he is building those cars for daily usage so he build the chassis/car with that in mind.

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    Re: Mclaren F1 from Poland.

    That is a great looking car.. They did a great job replicating every detail of the body and it looks just like the real deal..

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    Re: Mclaren F1 from Poland.

    Wish we had some builds going on in the US like that, would love a Mclaren rep with an engine that sounded like that. Need more videos of the body building and frame construction.

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    Re: Mclaren F1 from Poland.

    I had contacted the builder but unfortunately after 30 years my Polish is realy bad so he transleted it back to English for me and this is his responce and a pic of the W12 engine

    My work with F1 is still in progress for about 100-150 days.
    I've got my molds - they are selfmade. If my copyrights don't break original
    mclaren F1 copyrights, selling will be possible.
    Price and kind of selling will be specified when I done my project, you'd
    know when, check youtube then contact me.
    boulder 3 prototypes
    1 audi v8 audi automatic - designed for woman
    2 audi V8 manual
    3 audi W12 tiptronic

    base teile
    Audi , mercedes , bmw

    detal teile
    12 models (reno , fiat ,opel...) english is translator
    jacek mazur

    UK info - Sebastian Sarre tel. 0048 663 08 26 22
    DE info - Daniel Miglo tel. 0049 5344261475
    PL info - Jacek Mazur tel. 0048 502 98 09 55

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    Re: Mclaren F1 from Poland.

    hey guys ive seen it in the flesh!!nothing you can sere in a pic does it justice...absoloutly breathtaking thing

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