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Thread: Larry Ck this out

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    Larry Ck this out

    Don't know why pics are reversed but you get the idea, fits perfect and is GM so wiring is easy.

    The Prezzz

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    Re:Larry Ck this out

    :-\ OK that's a little confusing........I did you the favor of reversing them again back from the reversed pic of the not reversed dash. Now aren't you glad I cleared that up? How about a little info on these pics Prezz? The 500 other members were not privy to our conversations but would love to know what you are up to! ;D

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    Re:Larry Ck this out

    The dash cost $25.00 junk yard with all wiring and gauages, it is a dash from a Pontiac Transport. because the front is so long I was able to cut it to fit the Lambo perfect. gauges were easy to wire they are GM so I took one at a time.
    duct work was alittle harder but everything works ac included.
    the upper glove box will hold TV I am working on center sec to fit shifter etc. have a neat idea about that tell you more when I get to it.
    The Prezzz

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