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Thread: I'm glad I never got into kit cars!

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    I'm glad I never got into kit cars!

    You know its been a while sense I've been on this site. I pretty much gave up on kit cars for various resins. I live in Canada and not only is owning a kit car legally nearly impassable to do, there are no builders "that I know of" who even build the damn things out here. Now I see MURCenary is unhappy with his build and he's calling MURCI-ME a con artist! First it was JVD Customs now Michael Chase! This is my advice, take it or leave it... If you want a Lambo so bad,, buy a real one! Least you know the damn thing was built properly! If you can't afford one, then so be it. If real ones are major $$$ to maintain then know what your getting your self into and bite the bullet and pay for the clutch, engine out service! or what ever the car needs! Its an exotic not a Honda Civic...

    Just my 2 cents worth...

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    Re: I'm glad I never got into kit cars!

    I agree hawk, i to live in canada and its hard to find certain kits and parts without going threw some B.S. i,ve been looking for a 328 kit for awhile now and i,m ready to give up. I really like this site and all the talented people on here and all the great info.,but i,m startin to think i might have to just settle for my 944 as my toy. lol

    My 2 cents also.

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    Re: I'm glad I never got into kit cars!

    Hi You guys live in Canada right..You might want to talk to these guys.
    Jimmy is the owner and his wife Sue works there.. I bought a F40 body from them and they were good to me. It came all the way from Canada to Southern California and I know they build cars as well.. As for the first comment well if you lend me about $450,000.00 USD then I wont have to build my car or you could go to school learn to weld, learn to use fiberglass, learn to fabricate and then build your own car from scratch..Yeah I know that sounds like alot to do but hey that is what everyone in one way or another is trying to do here. Plus for mostly its not owning a really cool car that you built with your own 2 hands but its the journey that its takes you on when you do. Trust me I know, the F40 project is driving e crazy but its a good thing..but thats my 2 cents...Later Lukester

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    Re: I'm glad I never got into kit cars!

    I can understand your frustration, but I have found kit cars no different than any other project car.

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    Re: I'm glad I never got into kit cars!

    I am from canada as well (SK.) and it is VERY hard to pass a kitcar under our new safety laws ect. But they are taking anything off the road that is 10 years or older to try and boost the auto industry and force our hand to buy a new vehicle. I myself have NEVER boughten a brand new vehicle off the lot. What fun would that be? There is no history to the vehicle!! No blood, sweat, or tears!! Anyone can go buy a vehicle and drive it, but there are some of us that really take pride in what we drive and why we drive it, and if it konks out on us driving around, chances are we can "Mgyver" it back together in some way to get us home again. That's the fun of driving in my eyes. oh and also.....It doesn't hurt being the only person driving around in a Black Diablo and now soon to be F40 in Saskatchewan!! ;D

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    Re: I'm glad I never got into kit cars!

    southern ontario has kit cars! and I even had kit car insurance for my 308!
    there are a few builders out here all over from toronto, london and windsor! I can get parts fairly easy from a few places...
    I had no problems with kit cars here! my insurance was through a sliver wheels policey cause it was an older donor, but they also have a custom wheels insurance for hot rods or kits built on newer donors...I ONLY PAID 600 FOR THE WHOLE YEAR!

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    Re: I'm glad I never got into kit cars!

    I know better than most how long....and.....drawn out......the process can be to build a kit car. When I started I looked for a car I really wanted that had a kit that was very easy to build. But the more I work on it I have to admit the fun of building one is addicting. There are times when I am very frustated that I want to give up, but will say right know once I finish this one I already have my heart set on building another one. Probably a Mercy using a boxster donor.

    Like the other guys have said here. The destination is half the fun, the trip is other half.

    Building a F40 replica, 4.9 caddy, 5 speed.

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    Re: I'm glad I never got into kit cars!

    Yeah but you guys have the 15 year law so you can atleast import cool weird jdm cars that we cant even speak of down here in the states.

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    Re: I'm glad I never got into kit cars!

    I build 2 Lambos b fore, now I'm into last one -tube chassis Roadster. and I take it as hobby to kill some of my spare time.and if it takes extra year or too I dont care.
    We have all kinds of hobby, golf, Strip bars, bingo,books, net, etc.
    but if you cant hold a srew driver or wrench it's not for you. in this kit car bix, you can't depend on others to do it for you or you'll get burn. also your spouse should agreed with the build

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    Re: I'm glad I never got into kit cars!

    Quote Originally Posted by 0rcc
    also your spouse should agreed with the build
    .......ummmmmm, errrrrr, ...ok :-[

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