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Thread: Were did everyone get there experience of working on cars?

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    Were did everyone get there experience of working on cars?

    Me I have very little experience however it started from my shop class in Highschool then I went to college for a little bit then kind of stopped until recently I got my camaro then I had the nerve to pick up the tools again.

    Otherwise I normally watched shows like dream car garage, the power block on sundays and other TV shows that were automotive related.

    However how does one go about building a kitcar? How did you learn your craft?

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    Re: Were did everyone get there experience of working on cars?

    My Dad used to race Formula Vee's (open wheeled race cars with a VW engine mounted midships) when I was growing up so I was in the garage helping him tear stuff down and put it back together most nights and weekends .

    I have rebuilt/refreshed many cars over the years as well. I pretty much can't leave anything alone really......

    308 Ferrari replica
    Prova Countach 5000QV

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    Re: Were did everyone get there experience of working on cars?

    12 years old:Gran Turismo 1
    14 years old:Gran Turismo 2
    15 years old:Gran Turismo 3
    16-17 took an online college for auto mechanic( all while in highschool)
    16.5: modifying first car: volvo 850
    18:modifying second car Honda Civic SI( it was more of restoration) worked at couple car shops by then
    19:modifying third car: Acura TL (also started engineering at Wentworth Institute of Technology)
    23: currently restoring E38 BMW 740IL and with 2 semesters left in engineering school.

    but biggest credit goes to GOOGLE

    i am also probably the biggest stoker on this site cause everything here fascinates me...

    Kit Cars will be next after the 740 is done and once i graduate.I feel like i finally have enough knowledge and experience to actually build and finish a replica.

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    Re: Were did everyone get there experience of working on cars?

    Not trying to sound funny, but I simply got my experience of working on cars, by working on cars. Problem started when I was about 15. I'm now 44. I have learned ALOT!

    First body prep by wet sanding 15. 1970 Dodge Charger
    Started tearing motors apart, and rebuilding about 16. 1971 Ford maverick
    Painted first car after learning body work about 17. 1972 Challenger
    Figuring out carpeting, interior stuff like suspended headliners about the same time on the last two cars above and a 1964 GTO.
    First Manual trans around 22. 1983 four speed Mustang.
    First auto transmission wasn't until about 25 or so.
    And on and on........

    Still learning as I go too. Last car I just finished about 2 years ago, is a 78 Z-28 Camaro 4 Speed car. It was the first car I restored 100% by myself. I had to farm out the seats in the past, and this time I got the replacement factory covers from NPD and did them myself. Was much easier then I thought it would be.

    Building my now current Countach all by myself with the knowledge I have obtained from the past. If I hit a snag, I head to the internet. Just do it, and Get er done!


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    Re: Were did everyone get there experience of working on cars?

    I took some non-credit classes at the local community college. After that I got my salvage dealers license. The few hundred dollars I spent at the school has saved me hundreds of thousands over the past 10 years.

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    Re: Were did everyone get there experience of working on cars?

    I got my experience with every chunk of skin and/or hair left on a fender or side of a motor :-\ My garage has probably more DNA lying around from me than I have on my body!!.....trial and error....trial and error ;D

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