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Thread: Laser Scanning and CNC Milling

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    Laser Scanning and CNC Milling


    I am after a little bit of advice about companies in the UK that offer vehicle scanning and full foam plug milling.

    Can anyone suggest companies that offer these services in the UK ?

    Has anyone used any of these companies and how was the results ?



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    Re: Laser Scanning and CNC Milling

    as far as i know were the only company in the uk that has both laser scanning and cnc machining under one roof, and certainly the only ones who have ever successfully brought a laser scan cnc'd replica to the market and can show it done.

    your welcome to call and come and see us.


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    Re: Laser Scanning and CNC Milling


    Thanks for the info, it has been really useful.



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    Re: Laser Scanning and CNC Milling

    Piece of advice regards Enzodesign
    We used him to do some headlights moulds for the murci, he charged £2000 and made a complete mess of them. You are welcome to come and see the ridiculous attempt he made if you wish. We then had to do what we usually do and destroy over £5000 worth of genuine lights to mould from. I would stay well away from him if I was you and find someone with at least half a brain!!!! I think you will also see his pathetic attempt of a 430 speaks volumes.

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    Re: Laser Scanning and CNC Milling

    Extreme you dont post here in how long... months now and you come on to throw this garbage up?

    If you've had a bad dealing let the guy interested no via pm. I'm personally getting tired of seeing poeple just throwing each other under the bus whenever they feel it necessary.

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    Re: Laser Scanning and CNC Milling

    I do not wish for other people to be ripped off like we were so it is in everyone’s interest I inform them. It is not as if I do not have proof. If it was super replicas then everyone that has had experiences with them would be jumping to have there say. So why should this be any different. I don’t post that often as I do not feel the need to but this is different. We where taken in by his b**l s**t and lost £2000 If this was you, you would be doing exactly the same thing. Did we say yes I can do the job NO he did and lost us £2000 so any opinions should not be pointed at us but the person attempting to rip people off . forums are also to inform people of scam artists so this is what we are doing.

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    Re: Laser Scanning and CNC Milling

    About how much money are we talking to laser scan a side skirt then cnc cut out a urethane foam plug that is opposite side? In other words i have a left side but i need a right side plug made that is identical dimensions.
    Would it cost under $350 usd?

    I'll post this in another section also so if someone doesn't see it here.

    Ok back to the headlight debacle lol. I sure would like to see written and photo proof you really were cheated and a canceled bank check showing proof you did pay $2000 for the work. Only if you want people to believe.

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    Re: Laser Scanning and CNC Milling

    heres four pics an original complete headlamp, an original broken one we had to work with, and then the top cover and the main bucket we made, there is a third part which joins the two together but its just a shaped band.
    i have no problem posting them, which should tell you something.
    ask your self this, do you think you could make a headlight from it?
    and ask other forum members do i always offer advice and help? do i try to rip them off and get them to send me work, or is my advice free?
    also how many manufactururers come on here and bad mouth another maker, or is it one always badmouthing all the others.
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    Re: Laser Scanning and CNC Milling

    and another
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    Re: Laser Scanning and CNC Milling

    number 3
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