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Thread: DNA R8 SPYDER?

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    So what do you think. Do you believe DNA would undertake such a car.

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    Re: DNA R8 SPYDER?

    This mR2's are really great donor cars arn't they. Such a wide array of exotics seem suitable for the donor mr2s

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    Re: DNA R8 SPYDER?

    Did DNA ever mention they're working on an R8 kit ? ???

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    Re: DNA R8 SPYDER?

    Waste of a good MR2.


    R8's are under 100k, I bet in the next 5 years they will be super cheap like the Acura NSX is today. I remember back in the 1990's people were talking about doing Fiero based NSX's now its kind of pointless, I'm kind of glad nobody does those at all.

    Its like the Dodge Viper kits based on Corvette C4's. back in the 90's I could see why people wanted those b/c they where rather expensive and the average joe couldn't afford it now a real Viper costs roughly a little less than a brand new SRT-8. No need to replicate here, I give it a couple of years and you'll see the real ones on the market for the same price of what it would cost to build a replica.

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    Re: DNA R8 SPYDER?

    Nah, I think it will be close to 200K...The Roadster has the V10 gallardo engine

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    Re: DNA R8 SPYDER?

    I saw an R8 in person at a car show and it looked much better, more exotic than pix online and tv. It stickered for 180k.
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    Re: DNA R8 SPYDER?

    Quote Originally Posted by funexec

    I saw an R8 in person at a car show and it looked much better, more exotic than pix online and tv. It stickered for 180k.
    I agree in person looks so much wider, alot more exotic than seeing it in pictures.

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