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Thread: Summer Cars

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    Summer Cars

    well summer is around the corner...and i got a 5000GBP sterling in my account

    im feel its time for my first small build....maybe a little convertible or open top car

    any ideas guys

    build time about 2-3 months? im a complete noobie

    thanks guys

    "appreciation to the replication"

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    Re: Summer Cars

    im based in London btw UK

    "appreciation to the replication"

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    Re: Summer Cars

    Hmm... Maybe you could make a deposit on a DNA or Dave Jones 360/430. The price is more than 5K, and I think the build time is a lot longer than a couple months. I'm afraid you're budget and timeframe make your choices pretty limited..

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    Re: Summer Cars

    he did say 5000 British pounds which is more like 7500 to us over here, so it's a start...

    good luck in our quest.


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    Re: Summer Cars


    Have a good look around at the kit industry over in the UK as there are a LOT of kits over there that might fit your initial funds available. I agree with RHK that 5000GBP will most likely not build you a full car but it will be a good start to get your kit and donor car.

    There are lots of sites that detail various kits available over there. I believe the Kit car magazine over in the UK has a site as well that lists all the UK kit makers. I don't have the site handy but a google search for UK kit car will bring lots of results. I would start there to look at everything available and then start narrowing down your criteria and wants. Once you have your criteria down, you can start to focus on the cars that fit them.

    Cheers and good luck.
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    Re: Summer Cars

    If you find a cheap enough donor, you could make it close to build a 308 replica for $5000 (body wise). Just keep your eyes open and you might find some used 308 panels out there? But then the rims and tires and interior you might have to save for, unless you happen across a good deal somewhere. Try, or, I have had good luck with those two. Good luck, and keep us posted!

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    Re: Summer Cars

    Just a thought would it be worth looking for a part finished kit or an abandoned project ? via classifieds or ebay etc
    Good luck

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    Re: Summer Cars

    thanx for the replies guys....

    im probably goin to buy a part finished kit car....but i will defo keep you updated if i gt one soon thanx again

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