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    Kit Car Rentals...

    Anyone else ever thought that would be a great idea?

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    Re: Kit Car Rentals...

    Murci-Me and another guy with a red G24 replica rent there's out, I'm pretty sure they only do it for movies, videos, commercials, etc and not for joy riding

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    Re: Kit Car Rentals...

    Its definately a good idea, You wouldnt have to worry about high maint fee's and you also wouldnt have to worry about someone running down to Mexico with your 300k supercar rental!

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    Re: Kit Car Rentals...

    Quote Originally Posted by 4Shadow
    Anyone else ever thought that would be a great idea?
    Great idea but no insurance company to my knowledge would touch a company wanting to rent a kit car rental for public use. there is no safety standards or testing, Liability issues become very high and risky.
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    Re: Kit Car Rentals...

    Most kit cars have some sort of nuisance to drive. Plus, this is a hobby sport where individuals put more money an time into the project than the final car is worth. I cannot imagine handing over the keys to my car to just anyone.

    There are companies that do rent kit cars though. They are usually as props for films, or spec Cobras for racing.

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    Re: Kit Car Rentals...

    theres a place in toronto that rents out kit cars along side the real lambos and ferraris

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    Re: Kit Car Rentals...

    i figured people rented them to movies ,i didnt no u could rent them publicly.
    i just thought if there was a way to get an insurance company behind you this idea could really sell.

    $1500+ to rent a lambo for a day is just insane.

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    Well it is absolutely a good idea to have and it would be must give me the help of it.
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    Wow, this thread back from the dead. While it's still alive again. No....Not a good idea, you'd rent it out once and the driver would come back and the car would have a busted front lip b/c they're driving it around like they're in their Ford Explorer going over pot holes and stuff.

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    There was a company back home in Australia called Carbontech in the late 1990's that had 2 New Zealand made Countess Countachs, he was renting them out for weddings, school functions etc, if I remember correct one of the vehicle ended up getting totalled, by someone renting it, after that he stopped renting out the other Countach.

    They were selling the kits of the Countess in Australia, but ended up dropping it because no one was interested in them, I believe they designed their own car called the Redback but wanted over US$300,000 for the thing and in the end the company went belly up.

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