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Thread: Old school roadster kits

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    Old school roadster kits

    I've been looking at the cars on this list ->

    Some of the older Jags(XK series), speedsters, Ford Roadsters, etc are starting to catch my attn..

    I like the ones on this site also.

    Anyone have experience building an older model kit like these? How hard is it compared to a straighforward kit like DJ/DNA?


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    Re: Old school roadster kits

    Guess not

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    Re: Old school roadster kits

    Wow what a sweet ride.
    The guy himself took 3 yrs to complete one of his creations so I imagine it could take someone like me 5+ yrs of weekends and evenings. I guess you would need to design and have made a space frame and then work out how you were going to hang everything from it. A HUGE job but it could be worth while. It would make it easier if you could find a single donor. Looks like this guy is using a Beemer v12.
    I understand that kits like the lancia stratos from hawk - where they can supply most parts take on average 3 yrs of weekends and evenings. Even 'simple' rebodies like the dna360 can take 6 months (or more ) if other parts of life get in the way. Just look at the gallardo rebody that is in the diary here. Not what you would call a true one month gig unless you can devote all your time to it.
    My westfield took a little under six months (though the three muppets on top gear managed to build one in a long weekend) and as I've had more responsibility each kit has taken me longer and longer!
    If you do go for it and build one of these, we should be out of recession by the time it's complete - fingers crossed; so I bet someone would make you an offer you can't refuse for it and end up never driving it much anyway!
    Build diary it though please!

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