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Thread: Need Advice re MR2 355

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    Need Advice re MR2 355

    I am new to the site and in Phoenix, AZ. I am interested in putting a Ferrari 355 replica kit on a 91 MR2. Can anyone tell me:

    1. are there any US companies that make the body for an MR2? They all seem to be in the UK, and i would like to avoid the interntional hassels.
    2. or, does anyone in the US have a 355 kit body for the MR2 that they are willing to sell(or a completed 355 MR2)?
    3. Can anyone recommend a good performance or mod shop in Phoenix for MR2s?
    4. Any other advice on this project that you can offer will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks very much.

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    Re: Need Advice re MR2 355

    DNA Automotive?? brings the UK DNA bodies over and sells them in the States if I am not mistaken. They are a member on here. Just search for the user name DNA Automotive I think and you should be able to contact them.

    No idea on the rest of your questions. Sorry.

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    Re: Need Advice re MR2 355

    DNA? They don't make 355 kits, do they ?

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    Re: Need Advice re MR2 355

    I don't think they do a 355. I know their 360 is just AWESOME~!!!

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    Re: Need Advice re MR2 355

    Although I have not seen the cars in person, DNA does look like a good kit. I also find the postings on this forum to be technical, polite and helpful to all kit car builds, not just for the DNA product. If you are looking at a MR2 kit, then you must at least look at DNA.

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    Re: Need Advice re MR2 355

    extreme used to have a distributor on the east coast. last i heard they had 355 kits already in the US but that was a while ago. they may have been sold by now. i would contact extreme if i wanted to see if there are any kit in the states now.

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