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Thread: Best kit for beginner?

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    Best kit for beginner?

    I appoligize in advance if there is already a thread, but I did a search and found nothing.
    What is the best kit for the absolute novice? Any tips appreciated.


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    Re: Best kit for beginner?

    355 replica is a good one price is reasonable an if you do the Dave Newman 3" cradle set back its a fast build
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    Re: Best kit for beginner?

    How about one of the 430 replicas?

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    Re: Best kit for beginner?

    our 4 thirty is a simple fit see these links for fitting

    DNA 4thirty panel build part1.wmv
    DNA 4thirty panel build part2.wmv
    DNA 4thirty panel build part3.wmv
    DNA 4thirty panel build part4.wmv
    DNA 4thirty panel build part5.wmv
    DNA 4thirty panel build part6.wmv

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    Re: Best kit for beginner?

    HI all,

    Where are you from, an what donor are u lookin to use? Would you rather go with a tube-frame, or a donor? What kinda budget are u lookin to have, how exact you want it will always add more $$ too... If your goin with a donor, and itz a Fiero, are u set on havin a replica? Or would you possibly want a 1off kitcar?

    What tools do you have access to? How long are u lookin to spend time on it? Cuz if you want something that is done fairly quickly, then personally i'd buy one that is close to completion and then add your own touches..... Lol, there are many more questions to be asked, but I thought not to scare you away too bad....
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    Re: Best kit for beginner?

    One of those PISA kits is a great first timer kit.

    From what they told me as long as you have a "basic" Tool kit all you have to do is remove the stock Fiero panels and replace them with ones in the kit and your done.

    They a few kits with optional interior dash board kits.

    You could also do an older VW based kit, many of those sitting around.

    There's also the MR2 based 355 replica which is simlar to the PISA fiero kits.

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    Re: Best kit for beginner?

    pavo_rodddy, is 100% correct by asking his questions. There are so many facts that must be decided before buying any kit. Their are some great manufactures ranging from all aspects of the spectrum. This is a great forum to do research and many here that will help you.

    DNA Autoworks

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    Re: Best kit for beginner?

    It will depend on several things.

    Your budget that you are allowing.
    Your ability to weld
    your ability to wrench
    your ability to work with fiberglass
    your ability to wire

    If you need to farm out the work, do you have a way of transporting the vehicle to get these items done?
    Average cost for a nicely done kit car is about $60,000.00

    There are still some easy kits based on the vw pan. The fiero is great platform to, but must decent kits require the stretching of the chassis. The great news is with todays technology (internet, videos, pics) your stumbling blocks can be answered by one of many members on this forum or other forums. There is alot of talent on this forum.
    Enjoy your project!
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