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Thread: A funny kit car website

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    A funny kit car website

    Dont know if this was ever posted, iff so sorry for the double info..

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    Re: A funny kit car website

    I am not entirely sure, but I think the author of this blog misses the point. The author is taking the position that these builders were trying to create replicas - at which they were clearly unsuccessful. There are many reasons and ways to build vehicles that are unique one-of-a-kind creations that the creator enjoyed building and driving.

    Not everybody likes every handcrafted (or even manufactured) cars, expecially if they are unusual looking. My wife thinks a Countach looks like a kit car and I think it looks awesome.

    I guess my point is that maybe we should encourage the creative people, rather than dismissing them as crackpots just because we don't happen to like what they built.

    I hope I don't make anybody angry with these comments .

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