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Thread: WTB Crashed Lamborghini

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    WTB Crashed Lamborghini

    Hey Forum guys !!! long time to see!

    how is it going all?

    i would like to know where i can buy a crashed lamborghini and install my reventon body kit !
    i have to buy a murcielango to have the exact dimensions and the reventon body kit will fit right?

    thanks a lot!


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    Re: WTB Crashed Lamborghini

    Quote Originally Posted by sirblack

    i would like to know where i can buy a crashed lamborghini
    Don't we all...

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    Re: WTB Crashed Lamborghini

    Try this guy.
    He got some high mileages exotics for sale.
    Not Rental Cars.
    Not salvage, fire, flood, thefts or accident.
    But just a little higher mileage than they suppose to be.
    I don't know if there are still available.
    Wish u good luck!

    2004 Murcielago E-gear Orange / black - brembo upgrade brakes, 05 Wheels, aftermarket exhaust . 62,000 miles $115k

    2006 Gallardo spyder E-gear Orange /black (orange piping) 55,000 miles $95,000
    2006 Gallardo Spyder e-gear yellow /black (yellow piping) 65,000 miles $95,000
    08 LP640 White/ black (white stitching) E-gear 15,200 miles - $225,000
    06 Spur 65,000 miles $70,000
    07 430 coupe red/tan 58,000 miles ?
    07 GTC 60,000 miles ?

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