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Thread: Fancy Cars

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    Fancy Cars

    Do you guys know anything about Ron Larson & Fancy Cars? What is his reputation? Does he build a quality car? He seems to be one of the few 355 builders around. Any input is appreciated.

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    Re:Fancy Cars

    Did you not read this thread posted today?;threadid=1234

    The General Section has 31 pages.
    Feel free to do some reading/research.

    Big D.

    P.S. Welcome to the Forum!

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    Re:Fancy Cars

    Thanks for the direction. I guess everyone has a positive and negative story about builders. My goal is to have 355 Spider built that looks as real as possible. I never thought it would be this difficult. There seem to be only a few guys that will even discuss the F word and its hard to judge quality & honesty from the net. Any advice 355 fans?

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    Re:Fancy Cars

    I have a 355 coupe that Im building right now that I will be selling.I just planned on having it be a completly mounted body on a 4 cyl. donner.The body is a marige (seprite rockers) All the body work will be done,perfict gaps,hinged,stright,no coke bottle look,I can post some pics if you want(I know how to do it now) Or I could paint it any color you want (evin 3 stage,but I wouldent recomend it)Also I have a buick V6 that would fit.Let me know.

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