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Thread: 355 wing mirror problems

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    355 wing mirror problems

    just started to install my wing mirrors and i noticed that the glass hits the wing mirror ,restricting how much i can open the doors!!!how do you get round this with out mounting them to the door itself?? img][/img]

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    Re:355 wing mirror problems

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    Re:355 wing mirror problems

    most mirrors that I have seen have been mounted on the door. Can you move them to the door?

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    Re:355 wing mirror problems

    That's right...

    You are suppose to weld on a triangle to the door to mount the mirror to. That way, it opens with the door and you don't have that issue.

    You are not in a place that is that serious. Just upbolt the mirror, take the inside of the door apart and weld on the triangles. Use the a-pillar triangle as your template, then cut it out. That way, the bolts will set back into the new cavity in the a-pillar. Find or make a nice cover to hide the bolts on the new triangle welded to the door

    Best of luck!

    DKOV -

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