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Thread: F355 Kit on Ebay

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    F355 Kit on Ebay

    Even Though I am a Lambo Man (No offense Lamboman) this car is starting to look good for a starter kit. Sorry if this has already been posted. Haven't checked the post in a couple of days.
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    Re:F355 Kit on Ebay

    Seems ok for the price...if you live in Connecticut...HE WON'T SHIP
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    Re:F355 Kit on Ebay

    At that price it'd be worth the drive. Even if it was a few hundred mile's. I'd e-mail him and see if he could tell you who made the body. That'd save alot of question's. See if he has some kind of build manual also.

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    Re:F355 Kit on Ebay

    What a deal, closed at $1,425.
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    Re:F355 Kit on Ebay

    nice kit for the money

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