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Thread: f430 interior parts

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    f430 interior parts

    most of you probably allready know we have been busy making interior parts, we are abale to supply alcantara and leather parts for original cars as well as all dash, center console parts airbag covers, and complete dashboard units, and of course all of it for the replica market.
    weve opened up our own inhouse trim shop as part of our move to a new factory and have 2 professional ex aston martin trimmers, one a specialist in making hoods (in the uk thats a roof, not a bonnet usa!)
    we will in due course have it all listed with prices
    heres some more pictures
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    Re: f430 interior parts

    heres a close up of the stitching on our seats
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    Re: f430 interior parts

    Very interested!!! What donor does the dash fit too? Looking for one for MR2 MK3

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    Re: f430 interior parts

    Nice job....!

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    Re: f430 interior parts

    Great job on the replica interior and vents!

    How much longer are you from completing your replica steering wheel?

    What kind of steering wheel will the replica be based on? what cars can it be fitted to?

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    Re: f430 interior parts


    The complete dashboard is meant to replace the MR2's original dashboard, right ? I mean your dashboard is scaled to fit in the MR2, which interior is narrower than a real 430.

    Any pics of the whole dashboard ? It's ok if it's not painted or trimmed yet, just to get a picture of how wide it is.

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    Re: f430 interior parts

    hi conan and all
    yes the dash is a complete change not a bit of tat thrown on top of the original mr2 one.
    fitting is a simple job as we have made it to mount to all the mr2 points as with our bodykit.
    the original switches from the mr2 could be used, but we have gone to the trouble of getting correct full working 430 switches with standard spade connectors on the back, so you can just cut off the toyota plug crimp on the spade connectors and away you go.
    weve posted pics of hte speedo binacle weve done which is identical to a 430 one but reversed so the 3 gauges are on the right not left, 2 are working (fuel and temp) 1 is dummy (oil)
    a 430 dash is only 2 inches different so its not much of a change in width, shape is identical, glove box extends lower than mr2 one but is as per 430 and we have an electric release, as per 430

    s/wheel is original mr2 air bag is removed and then the cover for the airbag is removed and is replaced with our own airbag cover so it is a fully working airbag in a 430 shape mm perfect (weve made it actual size as we are offering it to real owners too can be in any shade of alcantara, leather or flock we had to buy a pfaff docuseam 3715 sewing machine to do this job only!) we then have a plate behind this for the switches engine start and traction control ones supplied fitted, if you want a working start button we can do it so long as you do not have a smg auto car, this plate can be in ally finish or carbon fibre finish (its plastic just finished in these ways) this returns back over the toyota wheel to give a 430 impression of a flat airbag acurately.

    all parts and finish is totally oe
    the centre console is oe fitment both upper and lower sections, we supply a bracket to relocate the toyota handbrake in a new location to fit the 430 position inthe conole

    ive posted pics of the first mockup of the dash which had no glove box installed as we hadnt made it
    we onlt started the project 2 weeks ago and it will all be done in the next 10 days

    seats were made in 2 days and these have a headrest that goes up and down! see the pics on here and other posts
    it will fit any other car with mods, tell me your car and we can adapt it, us only spec cars (fiero etc) i will need a lot of detail and measurements before we can do it and i have 23 dashes on order now for our own cars so it will be around 16 weeks before we can do it
    by the way it is only a lhd unit at the moment our rhd one is 2 weeks behind the lhd as our biggest market is overseas.

    strdal360 s/wheel is available from thursday to buy, online store is not running yet but will be within a month, im told!
    has to be delivered here to our factory, the airbag mod has to be done here it is not a diy one
    shipping is expensive as it has to be shipped out as a explosive device. was quoted 250 to ship to scotland!

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    Re: f430 interior parts

    Thanks, enzodesign.

    Look forward to seeing pics of the steering wheel!

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    Re: f430 interior parts

    I would have to say Enzo that your stuff is some of the best I have seen out there.
    Credit to you

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    Re: f430 interior parts

    I agree, great work.

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