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    Callista Roadster

    Anybody heard anything about Top Gun? It's on the manufacturer list, and they say they dont list companies that generate negative comments. Anyway they make a kit called the callista roadster that looks a lot like a diablo, and its CHEAP. Only $4,750 if you mention you saw their page.....

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    If I understand correctly TOP GUN and Exotic Rebodies had all of their Diablo bodies made from a fiberglass company in California. I do not know what happened but I do know that Exotic Rebodies is out of the replica business. Maybe the Fiberglass company that Top Gun and Exotic Rebodies bought their bodies from went under.

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    Re:Callista Roadster

    That is not true the compy is going strong in ca and is doing kits all the time very respecked in the ind.Top gun is also
    Ron is good at getting the kits to you on time and he will give you the build manual to built your dream car.also Exotic rebodies is saleing his mold because he is going a new way
    good luck joe !
    top builders I would say would be
    Roger @ rksdesign
    Robert @ Exoticglass
    Rick @ dr
    KURT @ NV

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