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Thread: Lambo lights

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    Lambo lights

    question for you lambo experts...
    Is there any truth to the claims on that the replica lights are poor quality replacements for the real thing, cause It looks a little expensive to go with rudlys prices?

    thanks in advance

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    Re:Lambo lights

    The "replica" tail light's and front turn signal's that came with my 25th Anniversary were absolute junk. Maybe it's just IFG. I bought OEM front signal's, and using Suzuki Samari tail light's. I bought the Suzuki light's through J.C. Whitney at $40 per side. I saw a red Countach at Carlisle a couple year's ago, that had a melted front turn signal. You get what you pay for.

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    Re:Lambo lights

    I would buy them from paul or Ifg
    they have some nice ones but narc is the
    lights I use

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