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Thread: Best F430 Fiero kit?

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    Best F430 Fiero kit?

    Hi im new to the forums here. I have just recently decided i would like to make an attempt at building a kit car. I understand i am getting into a big project and have a good deal of experience with cars. I live in canada so i would have to use a Fiero kit i think. Any suggestions on where to get good F430 replica kit for the fiero?

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    Re: Best F430 Fiero kit?

    Hi..Why would u "have" to use a fiero as a base? ???

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    Re: Best F430 Fiero kit?

    Use a MR2 Spider or 90-95 MR2, you will have a MUCH simpler build

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    Re: Best F430 Fiero kit?

    I wish there was a Fiero kit, but at the moment, you've only got a couple options, both MR2 (different generations tho):

    Dave Jones kit (from the UK)

    This past week there's been an announcement of a Mercury Cougar based kit by DNA.

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    Re: Best F430 Fiero kit?

    Quote Originally Posted by caligula
    Hi..Why would u "have" to use a fiero as a base?  ???
    Well here in Canada we cant get the toyota Mr2 Mk3, I wasnt aware of the Mr2 Mk2 kit though. Would anyone be able to tell me how accurate the dave jones kit is scale wise to an actual f430?

    I did see the announcement of the mercury cougar kit by DNA but im not really a huge fan of FWD drive cars.

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    Re: Best F430 Fiero kit?

    I agree with the FWD, but the car looks great.

    The Dave Jones kit is 4-6 inches shorter in length - you don't stretch any of these cars, so they're all a little short. Check out Youtube for Dave's GTF kit. It's a convincing kit, even though it's short. I bet it looks better in real life too...

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    Re: Best F430 Fiero kit?

    Quote Originally Posted by RHK
    you don't stretch any of these cars, so they're all a little short
    Correct me if I'm wrong but I actually thought that the DNA Cougar would be a little too long rather than short? It's a slightly longer wheelbase than the Ferrari.

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    Re: Best F430 Fiero kit?

    Right, I meant the MR2's. The Cougar is a longer wheelbase

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    Re: Best F430 Fiero kit?

    yea I agree the 430 should not be on a fiero.

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    Re: Best F430 Fiero kit?

    In my opinion the Fiero is the ideal platform for the 430 spider. The 430 body panels only need minor modifying to be used on the Fiero chasses after stretching the rear end by 9 inches. Other benefits on using the Fiero are the interior. The dash is only off by about ĺ of an inch. So a replica dash can be easy put in itís place. The Fiero is also a mid engine. The engine is in the correct location and a there is a big choice as to what type of powerplant you could use. Anything from the stock V6 to a V8 or larger. Adding big brakes and stronger suspension is common knollage on a Fiero. There is no need to re-invent the wheel. When my build is completed. I expect it to be the most accurate 430 replica that has been made.

    Unfortunately, that comes with a price. No one has made a kit for the Fiero up to this point. So, there is not an instruction book or utube video to use as a guide.

    The primary drawbacks on utilizing a Fiero are itís age. The Fiero is over 20 years old now. It does not utilize all the new technology that has come up over the years. The Fiero was never a convertible so additional work must be done with the chassis to prepare it to go topless not to mention the need to build a frame for the convertible top. The windshield is another big concern. The original Fiero windshield is too short to use on any 360 or 430 kit. A much longer windshield must be used. Another issue will be constructing a tray to set the new windshield into and working out a new location for the windshield wipers.
    So, If you want a simple build that resembles a 430. Look into the many Mr2 conversions available. If you want it as close as possible to the real deal. Look into the Fiero. Just be prepared to do a lot of hard work.

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