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Thread: Disegno Bertone mount's

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    Disegno Bertone mount's

    Does anyone know where I can get the black plastic piece's that the Disegno Bertone emblem sit's in/on. I have the emblem's, but when I asked Kit Car Accesories about them (4 month's ago ) I got no response. I thought he'd answer my question since I spent almost $700 through him. Guess not.

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    Re:Disegno Bertone mount's

    Have you tried ? I got all my badges from them. Go to their online pdf catalog. Very good prices and good service.
    John Good
    <br />Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
    <br />Canada

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    Re:Disegno Bertone mount's

    you've probably seen this site, but i think they could handle your request
    anyone know where to sell a bodypart?

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    Re:Disegno Bertone mount's

    Thank's guy's. I e-mailed the site you posted Artero. He said, they couldn't help me. I'll try this one Wedgedriver. Thank's

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