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Thread: Diablo and Countach on e-bay

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    Diablo and Countach on e-bay

    "Low Reserve" doesn't always mean just that. I thought some of you might like to scope it out. Here's the Diablo...

    Another Diablo replica...

    And Countach...

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    Re: Diablo on e-bay

    This guy used to visit my neighbor all the time in his Aerial Atom, and two tone Gallardo. He has a body shop about 40 min away from me, if anyone needs me to go on a test drive, let me know ;D

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    Re: Diablo and Countach on e-bay

    Sorry, i modified because i saw another Lambo that looked pretty sharp.

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    Re: Diablo and Countach on e-bay

    Ill gladly take offer number 2 with the BMW V12. ;D

    The first one id give him 30k b/c its slavaged titled. the countach looks horrible!.

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