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Thread: Eagle One racing??

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    Eagle One racing??

    Just saw an ad for Eagle One racing, selling kits starting at $4500. Anyone know if they are legit?

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    Re: Eagle One racing??

    its a modified G24 first generation... hard to resell ... just as much work getting the chassis ready as building a G28 lp OR Venton, pay the extra 2 grand !!
    In the USA if you pay a company / person to start a plug, then it,s your plug and work ,it is not theirs to sell or trade !!

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    Re: Eagle One racing??

    I was looking at them also but they dont seem to be a good company.. read this it is talked about the guy is using pix from another guys work to put on his website.. not good..

    Good luck..

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    Re: Eagle One racing??

    yes, i've emailed and all he sends me is the same pics on the site. no real pics of kits or finished products. kinda reminds me of superreplicas....yikes! thankx

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