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Thread: Has anyone replicated the ME 412?

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    Has anyone replicated the ME 412?

    chrysler concept car, the ME 412.

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    Re: Has anyone replicated the ME 412?


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    Re: Has anyone replicated the ME 412?

    I have ALWAYS thought that Chrysler had the BEST body designs....the problem is the mechanical end of the stick SUX!!
    As tempting, and believe me, they are VERY tempting, as their designs are, I have to remind myself that they are pieces of JUNK under that beautiful exterior. I've owned Chryslers and have lived to regret it every time. The Crossfire was that last one that ALMOST sucked me in again....almost.
    How can a company get it SO RIGHT on the outside, yet blow it SO BIG on the mechanical side?!?!?
    This ME412, case in point.
    In my opinion, it is better looking than anything the bull has put out recently, and Ferrari too.
    But...... under that impressive looking skin is probably another piece of @#$%.
    Sad...very sad.

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    Re: Has anyone replicated the ME 412?

    My chryslers been good.
    i drive a chrysler 300m, almost over 200k miles and has treated me well but thats the only experence ive had with chrysler.

    But maybe if someone could replicate it you could have the looks with whatever drivetrain you wanted.
    The ME412 has a V12 with 4 turbos. Theres a video on youtube of it starting up and sounds beastly!

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    Re: Has anyone replicated the ME 412?

    That could very well be...
    The last Chrysler I owned was back in 98 and it was a piece of........"work", yeah, that's a good word.
    They may have made vast improvements since then. After all that was 10 years ago. But, if I ever bought another and it turned out to be another lemon I would just shoot myself for falling for it again, after I swore off them. ;D

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    Re: Has anyone replicated the ME 412?

    Goodluck trying to replicate that.

    I thought it was the hotest thing since chesse until I saw the Zonda. ;D

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    Re: Has anyone replicated the ME 412?

    we have all the cad and even the mould splits done for it about 3 years ago, never cnc'd the moulds as we did another project instead
    we could make it easily but i doubt theres enough interest, ie people who will actually put a deposit down now for a delivery end of year

    enzo design

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    Re: Has anyone replicated the ME 412?

    the want is there, but no one is going to give a deposit. thats how scams happen

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    Re: Has anyone replicated the ME 412?

    i brought this topic up about 4 months ago not enuff interest

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    Re: Has anyone replicated the ME 412?

    hope your not implying im a scammer with that statement?
    scams only happen from in-experianced people with no real history, we have all seen the fall out that happened on here 18 months ago, im in business all day everyday making "stuff" wether it be cars or as at the moment airplane seats. no business can afford to make a bespoke body without demand for it, sometimes a company will develop a product quitely and release it based on there market research but no one would develop and make it for 1 person asking, im lucky as i have all the equipment inhouse that i only need 5 customers to make a project viable, we also have a wealth of cad data on many models even the 458 is sat here inside and outside fully detailed from our involvement with the film and video game industries, so i often have no outlay for details and as we cnc everything i dont need a car, or parts to copy from either.

    we have several kits our f40 is renown for being the best ever made, the ford rs200 we own all the original factory tooling and service and repair original cars, the hawk minisprints have been sold all over the world, we do the edf430 bolt on cnc'd replica for the toyota mr2 roadster, the california on the bmw z4 which we made the first 4 conversions back in september 08 (and took a part built one to a show so it was seen) 6 weeks before the original car was launched(kits now available for release by the way) so we not only can do it but we have done it.
    at the end of the day its well know we have a our own large format cnc machines, laser scanners, vacuum formers, autoclave, fdm rapid prototyping machines, plastic injection machine and obviously our grp shop and 4 car spray booth, its not as if we have to get someone else to do it and weve just moved to our purpose built new factory at 12,000 sqr feet after 8 years in our last place so im not doing it from home.
    if people really wanted it done, and im sure alpina ferrari will back me up on this, i can do it. if its not a project im doing anyway i can do it if 5 peole stand up for it, deposits? i onlyexpect 500, i dont need the deposits to pay for the development just to ensure theres real interest,
    were about the only company, in the uk at least, that doesnt take a deposit on a production kit, we have them in stock, if we dont it will be in stock within 2 weeks as we make it all you pay you collect, or we ship immediatly not 3 months later

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