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Thread: ed f430 scuderia new pictures

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    ed f430 scuderia new pictures

    i know that theres been a lot of interest in a new scuderia coupe so i thought i would post some pictures of our 16m scud rear end, as most of you know weve updated our kit and made changes to it for 2010 to make it more accurate and nicer, yet still easy to build,
    we can supply standard and scud bumpers so you can swap them around as you please, the scud is a no cost option on our kit 8,000 for the comprehensive kit 12,500 for the factory built ones.
    ill post pictures of the updated front end next week as we are just finishing a black car with our new lights (the red one pictured has a standrd front bumper
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    Re: ed f430 scuderia new pictures

    ill upload another one with the diffuser strakes on it later!

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    Re: ed f430 scuderia new pictures

    and here is a picture of the rear deck opened, this shows the bifold mechanism to get the hood/roof out
    the eagle eyed will notice we now make tinted rear engine viewing screens as weve finally got the hand of our vacuum forming machine and the way it changes the colour on the bend it took a few attempts to get it centred to get the dark edge correct around the lighter centre
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    Re: ed f430 scuderia new pictures

    and this is it the other way to allow access to the engine bay
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    Re: ed f430 scuderia new pictures

    more ;D add some front shots and side shots 8)

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    Re: ed f430 scuderia new pictures

    this is the same car from the front, it doesnt have a scuderia front and has our old style headlights but does have our new mirrors which all fold in and are electric etc... does have the wider scuderia air vent in the side skirts though.
    the black car ill post next week has our new lights and scuderia front and rear and is the final updated with all the interior options car.
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    Re: ed f430 scuderia new pictures

    and another but thats all today!
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    Re: ed f430 scuderia new pictures

    nice work, i like the rear engine cover opening idea i think it rocks

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    Re: ed f430 scuderia new pictures

    how did u design the rear to work like that wish mine worked like that haha

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    Re: ed f430 scuderia new pictures

    we have always had it like this, i dont know why other manufactures make it in one part and hinge it from the back, guess thats how it was done on the german 360 which started it all off in the uk and that anyone who copied that kit or made there own version of it and made there own improvements copied that way of doing it.
    we actually use the standard mr2 roadster rear engine cover hinges, just swap them left to right and turn them around, we then mount them onto a small moulding thats fitted back onto the original toyota hinge to body fittings, even the straps to stop it going to far back and straining the hinges are taken from the no longer used parts of the original toyota hood/roof frame!

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