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Thread: Minority report kit?

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    Minority report kit?

    I have been working on the Wraith car project for a while, and we recently put the restored car up for sale. I was checking e-bay to see if the owner had perhaps posted it. While i was at it, i searched for "movie car" and came up with this kit. Just thought i would throw it out there for everyone.

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    Re: Minority report kit?

    thats a vetter kit its called the Dimentia for $6500

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    Re: Minority report kit?

    I've looked at that kit. Pretty sweet actually, and he's got the donor info all worked out for us as well. Very unique, wouldn't have to worry about seeing another while driving, and I imagine driving it wouldn't be for the bashful


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    Re: Minority report kit?

    Mike builds cool cars. His etv car was out of this world. I almost bought it off him.
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