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Thread: ebay fun

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    ebay fun

    ebay is the greatest site in the world !!!!

    someone told me once that a yard sale is where you go to buy other people's garbage so that the can take your money to buy more garbage.

    boredom and a little fun, see what kind of interesting things you can find that would make us smile. (or cringe)

    here's a couple to start...
    anyone know where to sell a bodypart?

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    Re:ebay fun

    The Metro snowmobile is kind of neat. Last week I watched Jessie James on Monster Garage make a snowmobile out of a 2003 Mini. It used dual tracks and 2 Polaris engines. Still streetable, too.

    I'd jump on that second one, but I'm not planning any trips to Norway anytime soon.
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    Re:ebay fun

    i love monster garage
    fun fun fun

    and yes dual polaris on a 2k3 mini
    but whats up with the suburban->mobile wedding chapel?!

    talk about screwed up

    o soon if possible ill have the pics of the million $ prototype
    ferrari at friend's garage keep u guys posted
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    Re:ebay fun

    Built by Tonka and sold by Toys R' US ??

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