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Thread: It's now official...

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    It's now official...

    The F355 Spyder has move to the #1 position on my kit car
    list, replacing the Daytona Spyder. I want a F355 Spyder, I
    see on this site that John Watson has the best kit going.
    I see there are so many completed ones out there I do I
    pick the right one. What are the goods and bads that I need
    to be on the lookout for, e.g. who makes the best kit, what
    year should the donor car be, etc. I keep hearing about a
    coke bottle effect, bow in the doors, and droop front end.
    I just don't see it from the pictures that people post. I guess
    it would be nice to see a side-by-side comparsion of kits to
    the real thing. Are there any photos of this.


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    Re:It's now official...

    Try here for some good reading on why to stay away from the 84 year (fire).You can use a GT or an SE.I belive the Formula is faster
    The road to life is full of flat squirrels, who couldn't make up their mind!

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