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Thread: Replica Car Projects

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    Replica Car Projects

    I was hoping to get some of your opinions on possible replicas. This list is just the ideas I've thought of and the ones with *'s are the ones I have actually started, but are in storage until I finish my current projects. The last two on the list are just kind of an idea of a way to build and own a nice classic muscle car without the rust and metal work.

    Thanks in advance.

    Aston Martin Vanquish
    Tube chassis
    5.0 Mustang, or 93-97 Z-28 Drivetrain and suspension

    Ferrari 550 Marenello
    I dont want to end up in Ferrari's scope again, so since the marenello and vanquish share very similar body lines, I would simply offer conversion parts to make a marenello from the vanquish kit. And don't worry I won't put months of work into anything unless Im positive its as perfect as possible.

    Bentley Arnage*
    Late 70ís Mercedes

    Bentley Azure*
    Convertible 5.0

    Bentley Le Mans Race Car*
    Tube chassis
    Fiero aftermarket suspension,

    Bugatti Veyron
    Tube chassis

    Bugatti EB 110
    Tube chassis, or stretched fiero

    Jaguar XJ 220*
    Tube chassis, or possibly a stretched fiero

    69 Camaro Z-28
    Built to exact specs as original, can be used on original style chassis or aftermarket.

    65 Fastback Mustang
    Same as Camaro

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    Re:Replica Car Projects

    I think those would be some very marketable kits. Can't wait to see your progress.


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    Re:Replica Car Projects

    Very good list, please make sure the Bugatti EB110 is the SS model not the regular GT. SS was much better looking!

    No sign of the elusive McLaren LM?!?

    Here's hoping.

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    Re:Replica Car Projects

    Wow cool list!

    I just want to make sure of something, do you make your own molds for your projects so far like the Jag XJ 220 ? or are they already in developed you just decided on building their product?

    Marcello Trubiani

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    Re:Replica Car Projects

    Great list. As for the Ferrari 550 Marenello idea, sounds good.

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    Re:Replica Car Projects

    Mark, I had originally planned to build an F1 Lm, then I ran across Aconcepts, and thought it would be much easier to wait until he gets his finished and then purchase his original plug to modify into an LM, but as most people on here have seen that seems to be very unlikely to happen anytime soon.

    Marcello, for these I would make my own molds, and then after I have produced a body from them that meets my standards I will either set them up here at my shop, if I will be making 5 or less a year, or if more than that I will take them to a facility about 2 hours from here that builds stretched limos and hursts and other specialty fiberglass bodies.

    If anyone has any other ideas please post them. I am going to be putting this on another forum to try and get as many ideas as possible, I want to narrow it down to around 3-5 and then I will put up a poll to see which is the most popular.

    Thanks for you guys help

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    Re:Replica Car Projects

    I was given a few more ideas by a friend of mine,

    New Zonda Roadster

    Ford GT-90


    and I forgot to mention on the EB 110 it would either be the SS or the Cyan Concept car style. Personally I lean towards the Cyan.

    Give me as many ideas as you can, probably this weekend I'll put up a poll for the ones that get the most attention. This is everyones chance to get the car they have always wanted, but has never been built.

    Thanks Again

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    Re:Replica Car Projects

    What about,
    Marcos Mantis
    Nissan R390

    Either post which ones you would be interested in or email me eautocreations@aol.com3


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    Re:Replica Car Projects

    I would love to see an exact version of the last vector done!!!
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    Re:Replica Car Projects

    How about the Koenigsegg CC?

    or the Lotus GT1?

    All images borrowed from
    Bob custom '84 Fiero SE --->>> custom F408

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