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Thread: Murci-Me Build

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    Murci-Me Build

    Hey everyone, its been awhile since I've been on this board and I'm finally getting to build my car and I am looking for Murci-Me's build. I know this is a heated subject but I'm just looking to learn what to do with my kit as I also have the G28. I searched and all I could find were sub sections of his build. It looks like it has been removed or broken up as I know I commented on it previously and its not in my history. Oh well I guess. Anyways, if you guys know where it is I would appreciate looking at it because regardless of whats happened he has contributed a lot to this forum and helped numerous people learn about kit cars.


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    Re: Murci-Me Build

    why dont you just post your build and quit trying to keep the flame going. just my $0.02

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    Re: Murci-Me Build

    I think the poor guy is just lloking for information on MM's build, not trying to keep anything going as far as I can see.

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    Re: Murci-Me Build

    This is what I hate about the Kitcar industry. All the flakes have the most accurate or hot kitcars.

    Id say stick with Kitcentral. They should lead you in the right direction.

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    Re: Murci-Me Build

    what pics and info are u lookin for? ive been sent alot of his pics by other members. and ive been emailing him 'trying' to get his door handles. but he seems pretty nice. but u have to email him about 30 times before he replies. but when he does he gives u all the info plus more that u needed. just takes a lil time to get it. "now boys calm down, im not cheatin on yall." he just has a few parts im interested in. but i agree with LP640 to an extent. post your build, or just ask questions as you go. thats what i do. ask at each piont of your build and the guys here are more knowledgable then anyone ive ever met. they will be more then happy to help. u gotta remember that murci me isnt the only bad a$$ builder on here. this place is FULL of them. so just ask away. youll get the answers

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