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Thread: Fiero rebody for a fiero???

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    Fiero rebody for a fiero???

    Yep.. thats what I said.. A Fiero rebody OF a fiero.. make that the 89 fiero prototype... Why in the world hasn't anyone ever made this car? MAN talk about WAY ahead of its time. I dont know much on it or how I even aquired the pics but DAMN its slick. Everything the fiero should of been and some.. This car would of dominated over vettes and camaros. No wonder they pulled the fieros lifeline when they designed a car with nsx, latemodel camaro and Firebird Looks (which we're not in production yet)!! I would actualy buy one of these kits if they we're made. Now to figure out where to get the molds from.. LOL Enjoy!!

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    Re:Fiero rebody for a fiero???

    I belive the 89 fiero Idea was scraped because sales were begining to cut into there beloved corvett.I my self considered doing a prototype sometimes called a phantom in the kit car industry because the car doesnt exist.One of a kind cars would be very rare.Below the 89 Fiero is my consept car I call it a Python.

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    Re:Fiero rebody for a fiero???

    the glassing looks familiar

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    Re:Fiero rebody for a fiero???

    After years of working in this industry I think this information may help us understand what really happened to the Fiero. It is called Saturn. A joint venture between GM and Toyota to produce a small commuter car with rubber panels. With John DeLorean fading out of the picture to produce a car in Ireland, the Fiero was simply eliminated. Now space is freed up in the market for the MR2 Toyota, Fiat X19 and the DeLorean. Mid engine, 2 seats etc. Sounds a little familiar doesn’t it. The politics involved for the joint venture with Saturn outweighed the need for the US built 2 seater fun car. Yes, the did try to make it look like a Firebird for 1989. John Watson, Air Dynamics has one of the 89 prototype frames. He is using for a panel hanger to mount parts & pull molds. He removed the pumped up engine that looks Fiero but is believed to displace 3.4 instead of 2.8.

    That's my 2 cents worth from talking to the GM people behind the scenes in Pontiac, Michigan
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