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Thread: Bentley GTC replica by Exotic Fiberglass

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    Re: Bentley GTC replica by Exotic Fiberglass

    yeap. I do not know how much he paid for it but the car looks solid, good. Fiberglass quality is superb.

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    Re: Bentley GTC replica by Exotic Fiberglass

    Hello, This Vinny at Exotic fiberglass I noticed there is this "hater" that wrote this old ad & even tried to come on to MM which he was kicked off. claiming I am going through a nasty divorce? Going out of business? scammer, etc.
    To that idiot the true facts:
    1. My old customer "Sanjay" who originally owned this replica was the one going through a nasty divorce not me. And asked If I would kindly help him sell it. which I did!
    2. The new owner now. Who has many years experience in building replicas is going to complete this beauty & put his finishing touches to bring it to it full potential.
    3. Going out of business? I have been in business now going on 3x great years & it is still growing. And by the way, when that negative ad came out, it only boosted my Business by ten folds! So thanks to who ever that hater is?;-)
    4. Yes, I am still selling bentley bodies. But when I have the time I am very busy at the shop with new projects, etc.
    5. Yes, I am building now a Bentley GTC replica on a CLK 430 & 320 which is for sure a better fit & less modifying & the best donor car in every way!
    6. Yes, I am building a " custom" Bentley GT coupe fiberglass body. And thanks to those who knew on MM but kept your word not saying anything. And this is going to be one sick build with nothing spared!
    Please if you want to contact me e-mail or just call anytime 772-634-1639
    I do not get my e-mail at uniquefiber it goes straight to spam & I delete it.
    By the way, keep up all the nice builds on MM! I am always telling my new customers to join MM this is what makes it fun to watch all these tellents, skills & the passion come together to bring these besuty to life!

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    Re: Bentley GTC replica by Exotic Fiberglass

    By the way, I almost forgot! Me & my beautful wife & kids say hello!
    And most all we want to say thanks to all of our customers for there business! Because of this Bentley build it has blessed us with doing bigger & better things out side of the replica scene. But I still find the time to build replicas bodies & "try" to bring to customers new exotics styles & most of all the quality fiberglass parts that are expected in a fiberglass body.

    Vinny & Awilda
    Exotic Fiberglass Designs, Inc.

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    Re: Bentley GTC replica by Exotic Fiberglass

    please post or send info/pix on the GTC CLK build. thanks
    White Fugazzi Bentley Supersport Convertible GTC

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    Re: Bentley GTC replica by Exotic Fiberglass

    Funexec, when I complete my CLK build then I will forward pics of the build.

    And by the way, If any one wants to get in contact with me I have given my phone number many times & my email because I am not always on MM. So if I dont answer you. Sorry. But you can get me by my e-mail.
    And I dont respond to anyone who send me an e-mail with no name? I mean I give my real name, real piucture of me on MM so why the secret?

    Have a good day

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    Re: Bentley GTC replica by Exotic Fiberglass

    Thanks everyone for the response. And Vinny, I will be e-mailing for info. Thanx

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    Re: Bentley GTC replica by Exotic Fiberglass

    Luis, I wanted to say thanks for the compliment on my replica? I dont think I met you before? But like I said I dont get to come on here often. But when I do I always enjoy what others have to bring on MM.

    WOW! I just received emails from some other members on MM that they been wanting a Bentley body? Well I have been selling bodies every month & even some times place an ad up on E-bay? So I am sorry you couldnt get to me? Also If you sent an e-mail to my old e-mail I wouldnt have received it because all that goes to my spam box? So I dont open it.

    To let everyone else know, that does not know me personally on this forum. This is just a "small" part of what I do here at the shop.
    And I am very busy with the business, projects, going to the Gym training with the guys, etc. So sorry, if I dont answer you, But it's because I dont ever have time to jump on MM. But when I get on MM I am amazed of all the tellent that is out there.
    You will learn, you will find haters like Mike Vetter & other members on MM that told me "you just have to ignore them because if I didnt I would have been in jail a long time ago.

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    Re: Bentley GTC replica by Exotic Fiberglass

    How much for a turnkey of the white bentley with all the upgrades?

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    Re: Bentley GTC replica by Exotic Fiberglass

    Wow, wow, and WOW !

    Sorry vinny i did not even notice the crazy comments at the bottom of that link when i posted it.

    Your work sure looks good to me. Keep up the good work ! ;D

    p.s. any update on this ?

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    Re: Bentley GTC replica by Exotic Fiberglass

    WOW! Are you sure about that? Not a problem it's not your fault. Like I said, there will always be haters out there because they just cant see others grow or because they didnt think of it first? Anyway, from that ad it has only
    produce more work for my business then ever before. So I thank him for doing it because It only takes the customers to see what I have to offer & it speak for it self. But that doesnt change I would love to get my hands on this idiot!

    As for the project X plug I almost sold it. I had it on e-bay about a week ago because I got a little discourage because I put up 70% for my custom chassis 5x months ago to find out they didnt even start on it yet? spent $5800. for a small block engine that's new on a crate that was rebuilt & designed to work with Banks twin turbo to produce 800+ HP
    that's not done yet?
    So I started on my "new" Bentley GT coupe custom wide body kit for the CLK 430 & 320 that I am building for two customers right now. To me & others this is for sure a better donor car in every way. V-8, handling & comfort that only a Mercedes CLK has to offer.
    Plus I designed the Bentley body to be direct bolt on. Fenders go right in place just like the CLK fenders, Bentley door skins go over "original" steel doors, Original CLK door handles stay in place with no modifying, Bentley rear clip goes over the CLK "Steel" quarters. That why I went with this design & build. It gives that extra safety.
    Just like myself, my customers want a replica that they can feel "safe" in & not just some fiberglass door or body shell? I cant imagine what would happen if that were to happen?

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