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Thread: Bentley GTC replica by Exotic Fiberglass

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    Re: Bentley GTC replica by Exotic Fiberglass

    Exoticse, by the way thanks for your compliment on my Bentley build. But that's how I feel when I come on MM & see what everyone else is building!

    Note: To others who e-mailed me.
    1.I am not taking any other builds right now. Sorry.
    2.I am not taking any orders on the Bentley body right now. We are very busy. sorry.
    3.Yes, I have now most of all the interior pcs: original dash, middle console, bottom console (where the shifter goes)
    I am just completing my mold for the dash. I sent pics of that to some of you. I just need the door oanels now.

    When I complete my build on the CLK I will then post it. And wait till you see my custom wide body GT coupe I will be coming out with. It will be sick in every way! From performance to exact looks I hope it will be to every ones liking?
    All we can do is do the best we can do.

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    Re: Bentley GTC replica by Exotic Fiberglass

    Hi Vin, a bit confused.. so you have 3 different kits ?

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    Re: Bentley GTC replica by Exotic Fiberglass

    Conan, No, I did not say I have all three Bently Bodies? What I am saying I have is:

    1. Bentley GTC Kit #1 I have the molds for the Chrysler Sebring convertible from 1996 to 2004
    2. Bentley GTC Kit #2 Which I am completing my build & molds on my 2 x CLK's that are in my shop now. And when it is completed, I will post on MM.

    3. Bentley GT "Custom" coupe wide body kit. We are working on the GT coupe plug now. So we can start the build in one week from today. We just picked up our donor car for this build. And When this build is completed then I will post on MM.

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    Re: Bentley GTC replica by Exotic Fiberglass

    Quote Originally Posted by bentleyvin1
    Funexec, when I complete my CLK build then I will forward pics of the build.

    And by the way, If any one wants to get in contact with me I have given my phone number many times & my email because I am not always on MM. So if I dont answer you. Sorry. But you can get me by my e-mail.
    And I dont respond to anyone who send me an e-mail with no name? I mean I give my real name, real picture of me on MM so why the secret?

    Have a good day

    Thats whats up Vinny, I like how you set the record str8! Some guys on here just dont get the message, If you about business then you will BACK IT UP with proof! I will get in touch with you soon! Keep up the great work!

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    Re: Bentley GTC replica by Exotic Fiberglass

    D.Brown, Thanks for your support. I am just straight forward & dont hide behind any forum. Here is my picture, phone number & real name I have nothing to hide? Like I said, there are haters out there, so what are you going to do? Its life? But look how things turned around for me because of this idiots write up? Business is great & thats only because they come see what I have to offer & it sells its self. Period! But today, You just cant trust anyone. For all I know this, What I would call in my day & where I come from a B!@##!# little girl talks to me & knows me or just a member from MM? Because he tried to use italianKnightriders name on e-bay to make me think it was him & it was'nt.

    Customers today are not stupid they do there homework & if they dont, trust me, I tell them. Dont go by a finished product? Check out the fiberglass body & parts first. That's where it start's. When you purchase a replica body go see what you are buying. It's your hard earn money!

    Example: I have a customers who is the owner of this LP640 he is also my good friend and he is a big dude who is a bouncer, trains & fights for a living. When he saw the work that had to be done on this body, Trust me he wanted to rip this guys head off! But I told him I will just help him fix this body for him. Meaning: it had clay within the body? Between the gel coat & the glass? Stress cracks, air pockets all over the body? Targa top: when you set it on top of the body it had a 4" inch opening on one side? Crazy! What blew my son Vinny JR mind was, he was just blowing the air hose on the LP640 and "all" the gel coat was just flaking off! That's because they just pulled this body out the mold & then gelled right over the "whole" body? Thats Crazy!

    Anyway, thanks again & when you are ready you can call me & come by the shop any time. By the way what are
    you building?


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    Re: Bentley GTC replica by Exotic Fiberglass

    Well Vinny I want to attempt a LP640 replica, But right now im in school taking up Automotive collision and repair at Savannah Tech College! this will break me into the basics of bodywork, paint, and welding! Its a start. I want to get a business up and running with Restorations and Replicas mostly! The area im in will kill to get there hands on some of the replicas that I have seen you guys do here! I have been keeping it quite in my area because I want to get an upper hand on the movement! Vinny where are you located? I would love to come and check out the work for myself heres my email:! You can send me any info regarding your builds and your SKILLS!

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    Re: Bentley GTC replica by Exotic Fiberglass


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    Re: Bentley GTC replica by Exotic Fiberglass

    Very nice job!!! I'll be happy to see the finished car.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rob123
    Vinny asked me to upload these...he's working on the interior now

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    Re: Bentley GTC replica by Exotic Fiberglass

    HI Vinny very interested in the bentley body on the clk. Do i need to do any welding or anthing like that.
    Plus i imagine the back rear of the car is bonded on?
    one other thing as i understand, how to you get around the issue of the front bumper headlamp washer?
    is there a cover for it?
    just realised the Mercedes has functional headlamp washers. will they work with the Bentley?<br /><br />The Lazy Way To Learn

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    Re: Bentley GTC replica by Exotic Fiberglass

    Also just remebered are you gonna be using the benley oem rear hatch glass or or is it custom?<br /><br />The Lazy Way To Learn

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