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Thread: Possible new Powerhouse Product

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    Possible new Powerhouse Product

    I have contacted the maker and have began talks to help bring this F40 into the North American Market. This is an extremely high quality build so I need your thoughts. I know we all wish we could afford it, but honestly, if you built this vehicle, what would you expect someone to pay you? (Minus Engine and Transmission)

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    Re:Possible new Powerhouse Product

    I would say under 20. Kits have gotten too costly these days. Some people are selling lambos for 70 grand. THATS FOR A REPLICA. That goes against the reason I got into kitcars to begin wth. We need to bring the price back down! Our technology these days is so much better. A f355 kit goes from 3500 to 9000. Most people can build them foe about 12-16 grand. Then they are resold for 22-30 grand. Thats too much for me. Ill take a m-2 spyder.
    As far as the picture, I am not a big f-40 fan, but I love the f-50. I'd buy one in a heartbeat if I won the lotto! For now Im just building my own copy. Now if you want to broker the batcycle I built, contact me.

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    Re:Possible new Powerhouse Product

    I've seen the guy's site before. It sure is a beauty. I thought I read that it is not an accurate reproduction, though. I thought the owner modified it to his taste. Incidently, I like his taste.
    With that said, if I had the money, I'd pay between 20K & 30K for everything, minus engine and trans.
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    Re:Possible new Powerhouse Product

    That is an extremely nice replica, there was alot of work that went into that car. Under 20K? Theres no way possible. Theres at least 18-25K in parts and materials for that car, if you paid the builder minimum wage for his work that would push it past 30K, and who here can live on minimum wage? You have to remember you want a quality builder/mechanic/bodyman to build these cars, not Joe bloe just fired from McDonalds. Anyone with these skills could easily run his own shop charging between 45-65 dollars an hour. He has to pay for his shop, utilities, tools, business taxes, and countless other bills besides just the cars.

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    Re:Possible new Powerhouse Product

    Thats an incredible replica... I've been to that guy's web-site and downloaded every video he has of it.... its just plain a badass car... If I were gonna pay someone to build that kit for me and just sell me a rolling chassis with the body on it i would expect to pay anywhere b/w 20 and 30 grand... but... are these going to be right hand drive like that f40?

    And didnt that guy also custom build a lightweight tube chassis for it? Also if i remember correctly aren't those body panels ACTUAL F40 body panels or something? correct me if i'm wrong... these are just things i've heard floating around...

    but anyways... thats an incredible car and if i were going to buy it engine tranny and all as a turnkey i would easily expect to pay nearly a hundred grand... in which case i'd just buy a real one... but that car does have better specs and such than the real f40...

    just my $.02


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    Re:Possible new Powerhouse Product

    In my opinion, Why would most of the people on this site expect to pat over 20K for this car. When someone says “Rolling Chassis” there still will be plenty of work to get your car on the road. Most of us complain about a $100 part for the ones we are trying to finish up in the first place. I think if you are going to get a rolling chassis, no paint, no engine, trans, interior etc 20K is plenty of cash to shell out. 10-15K would be plenty pay for a good body and custom frame with suspension. Take Air Dynamics for instance. I believe his bodies are some of the best in our underground society (they go between & - 9K) and a custom frame and suspension can be had for 5K in most instances (Lambo Lounge). Eventually, the bodywork, paint, interior and custom accessories make the look of an Italian Stallion. Think about why we purchased out first kits (cheep price for the body, We can surely supply lots of labor to sort it out) I think about Ari and a few other in this case in this case, Most of us lacked the talent to really know how to finish a car. I have been working on mine since 1998 learning every step of the way. This time I stepped up to the pump and purchased good body panels and suspension to do it correctly. Thanks to everyone on this site to keep us all motivated by exchanging ideas to get our dreams on the road.

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    Re:Possible new Powerhouse Product

    my though:

    the complete turnkey would be ....say 35k USD but dont quote
    me on that...

    figuring the cheapest engine and i dont mean fiat buzzer would
    cost $6k to get and touch up and mount, and transmission say
    $3k, i would figure $20k would be good..

    but heres my question... thats alot of money for something
    that doesnt run... why not just mount in a beast and tour it
    around. anyone with the knowledge to put in the engine and
    trans would much rather get a kit and begin the quest for
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    Re:Possible new Powerhouse Product

    I would imagine it doesn't come with engine and tranny for import reasons. I wouldn't be sure about people who can put in an engine wanting to build a complete kit, look at superperformance. They sell an enormous number of rolling chassis every year.

    MAPICS, who can produce a quality tube chassis and suspension for under 5K? I would really like to see the chassis. I visit lambo lounge every day and have never seen a chassis that can be purchased for under 5K. You can probably build one for under that, but this car already comes with one. And I may be wrong, but I beleive this car is a trunkey without engine and tranny, so that includes paint, and interior, everything is finished except engine and transmission. And just for reference, I completed a superperformance cobra in around 4 hours for about $2500 and that was a new engine and tranny, not salvaged.

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    Re:Possible new Powerhouse Product

    i'd say 20-30. i am basing this on the price of the ultima gtr pricing. gotta stay competitive

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    Re:Possible new Powerhouse Product

    I would hope that the people advertising in the rags are legitimate companies. There is a shop in Atlanta that is planning to build a modified Corvette chassis for 3K plus suspension from a Vette. That custom frame is for a 360 body and a mid engine 350 mated to an Audi Transaxle. It may not be as complex as a Lambo. But there are out there who will build a good quality frame for you, I guess we just need to dig deep into the information and find the answer. Building a frame is like asking someone to build you a home. How Big, how complex, etc. I guess you could pay 100K for a frame too. Since this discussion is all subjective anyway, I like the 5K idea better.
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