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Thread: New to Mad Mechanics

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    New to Mad Mechanics

    I just wanted to start off by letting all of you know a little about me. Name is Derrek Johnson and I live in the middle of Illinois in North Pekin which is across the river from Peoria,IL. My Father and I opened a Hotrod Shop/Custom shop in 2005 after building our first streetrod together it was a 1939 Chevy sedan and we had great success with the car. We found out that we work together perfectly,unlike the Jr vs Sr Biker build people. We have built a number of replica cars and are considering trying our hand at a DNA, Factory5GTM or a Gagliardi Vendetta. I would love to hear some opinions or experinces with these companies and their products. If you dont want to post your responses here you can email me at Until I become a Patron you can see some of our work at and our shop name is Performance Associates in Customs and Coachworks. Love what I have read here on this forum and what I have already seen and learned. Thanks

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    Re: New to Mad Mechanics


    Welcome to the forum. I'm sure you will get plenty of feedback on those manufactures.


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    Re: New to Mad Mechanics

    Welcome to the forum, name is paul but everybody knows me as madmods. I have a completed vendetta, and its a good car. I'm in the middle of personalizing mine.
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    Re: New to Mad Mechanics

    Welcome to the forum, glad to see another Illinoisan on here.
    IMO, the vendetta would be the most unique build on a custom chassis

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    Re: New to Mad Mechanics

    hello. welcome. the factory 5 is a sweet car, somewhat easy to build from what i hear. the vendetta is just flat out sexy. and you wont see anything like it once its done.

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    Re: New to Mad Mechanics

    Welcome to the forum. We are always glad to see new people with crazy ideas. Please keep us posted with pictures and build treads of your work.

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    Re: New to Mad Mechanics

    Thanks for the Welcome aboard. I am looking forward to reading more and learning more as you all continue your diary builds. I have become addicted to reading them and have been pouring over them like a kid wanting more candy.

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