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Thread: Another part added

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    Another part added

    Well, I aquired another part toward my Diablo build.
    I purchased an Audi 016 transmission and it should be here tomorrow.
    I am slowly aquiring parts as I can afford them before taking the plunge for the more expensive parts like the body, wheels etc.
    I figured I would go ahead and grab this transmission, as I have seen very few here in Texas.

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    Re: Another part added

    good find, very hard to come by in North America. make sure it's FWD 016.

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    Re: Another part added

    I highly recommend this to strengthen the case as well.

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    Re: Another part added

    Thanks Jim for your e-mail.
    I told the guy at the yard to make sure it was not from a Quatro and he assured me it wasn`t.

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    Re: Another part added

    I`m hoping someone on here knows a bit about Audi transmissions.
    I got my transmission in today but it doesn`t look like pics i have seen.
    They say it`s from an Audi 5000 and the bell housing does look the same but on the pics I have seen of an 016 it has like a triangle pattern bracket that three bolts go into on each side.
    This one has a bracket that basically sits on top of a crossmember in the rear.
    This one also has the gear shift selector shaft coming out the back instead of the top.
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: Another part added

    If you post the 9/10 digit casting numbers of each section and the gearbox code stamped into the gearbox casing [ 3 letters followed by a few numbers ] we can find out what box it is and the gear ratio's etc .


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    Re: Another part added

    It says

    WW0 1

    013 301 211

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    Re: Another part added

    I found a couple of pictures after looking around and I think it`s an 013 transaxle.
    Thus, I guess the 013 at the beginning of the number.
    I would have to somehow adapt a shifter to work on one shaft because that`s all it has instead of 2 like an 016.
    Also, the throwout bearing uses a cable instead of hydraulic.
    Oh well, live and learn.

    Update: I found this tranny is out of a 4cyl car which is not like a 5-cyl so I am going to try to get a refund, although I will end up driving almost 200 miles to return the tranny.

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    Re: Another part added

    I finally found out what transmission I got.
    It`s a 5-speed 2N out of a 4000 with a 4-cylinder.
    I called the salvage yard and the guy thinks they had two trannies on the same pallet and the guys labeled the wrong one, so they are going to send me the right one, of course after he sends me pics and I verify it`s an 016.

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    Re: Another part added

    you may be interested in this link

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