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Thread: Looking for info on the AFI Countach replica

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    Looking for info on the AFI Countach replica

    I have a Countach replica, that was indentified as an AFI kit. It was assembled by C&C performance centers, but it was never completed. I am putting together a list of items that need completed, but need help with a couple.
    1. I was wondering if anyone has an assembly manual for these cars , that would be willing to sell it. OR, if I could buy a copy from someone. I would really like to know the parts that were collected for this build.

    2. I need to find out what the emergency brake cables are from - I am not sure of the brand of the rear calipers yet.

    3. THis is the most important ! The car has no windsheild wiper arm, motor or wiper transmission. This I am at a total loss over, and do not know where to start. What has everyone used on theirs?

    Thank you in advance for your help, I would really love to get this car on the road - complete.

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    Re: Looking for info on the AFI Countach replica

    lets see some pics of your car ;D..oops lever mind, i remember this car try contacting Udo, he makes a wiper arm, he's over on the Kitcentral forum

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