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Thread: mr2 f430 drivers airbag conversion

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    mr2 f430 drivers airbag conversion

    heres the modified drivers airbag, this is straight from the cover mould, we can then flock them and soon will be able to cover them with leather, we have a new docuseam sewing machine which is what you need to cover airbags so the seam breaks under firing but we have to be certified to be able to use it which means we all have to go on a training course and comply with the iso document handling and record keeping before our insurance company will cover us on the public liabilty side of things

    we can only do this process to cars in our workshop, we have to remove and refit the airbags (we do both passenger and driver) but will do it on any ones car before you ask we will happily supply interior kits to all but they are only a complete kit as all the parts are made to fit to each other.
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