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Thread: Ford RS200 replica

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    Ford RS200 replica

    ive started this post as not many people on here probably know but we restore genuine RS200's and make almost every part for them
    i have a large portion of factory tooling and have made most of the rest anyways
    our "replica" as per the ferrari F40 is more of a re-incarnation, infact we build fully finished cars for 105,000 when originals fetch less, but mine are used for rallying/allycross/tarmac without any historical worries hence there market
    we quite happily supply parts for the home builder as the biggest part is labour in these things!

    if your not familiar the RS200 has a central aluminium honeycomb monocoque chassis with steel front and rear extensions
    we manufacture the aluminium honeycombs composite panels here and as such are a rare company in a very specialised field

    hers a chassis front section jig and also the front section made and fitted
    ill dig out more pics and add them over the next week or so
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    Re: Ford RS200 replica

    Do you have any photos of the finished Rs200?? I never seen one

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    Re: Ford RS200 replica

    Are these the same as trevor produces in preston? I know he does elanor gt500 aswell

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    Re: Ford RS200 replica

    He restores original cars does he? Never heard of him so I can't comment
    Our "kits" are all original or remanufactured original parts and the finished car is nut and and bolt identical

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    very interesting build. Currently i'am highly interested to build up a close as possible to the genuine model replica of an RS200.
    Does anyone know if EnzoDesign is still in business? Because their Website is down...

    Would be nice to get some info's about them and their project.

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