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Thread: Real 430 Scudo chopped into a stratos

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    Real 430 Scudo chopped into a stratos

    hey anyone seen the latest top gear mag or the evo mag this month??

    massive spread in both about a 3 year project to turn a real 430 scud into a stratos rep!!!...hell we all moan how long we take !!!it took all the resouces of piniferina 3 years to sort it

    take a real 430/chop shorten & weld/get some composite pannels and chuck em on ,

    hey maybe they could come on here and tell us all about it???.maybe ferrari will hound themselves down???

    all joking aside its a fantastic artical and full of good info,also the fact the stratos is sooooo beautiful doenst hurt either i guess

    main point i reckon is it shows real ferrari owners with amazing cars dream of owning something more exclusive that what they already have!!!and dont mind chopping the things about

    turns out then oem owners and kitcar owners aint so different after all!!!



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    Re: Real 430 Scudo chopped into a stratos

    Any 3d files of this new stratos?

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    Re: Real 430 Scudo chopped into a stratos

    Or just chop up an MR2 Spyder... The Wheel bases look pretty identical now.
    It's wild to believe that the MR2 Spyder is much longer than the original Stratos!
    Not sure what you would do about the wrap around window but I'm sure Hawk or similar could supply their window kit along with a frame
    And even more exclusive than a Reventon!
    Make mine in that puce green no, no it has to be the Air Italia colours... What was I thinking of!
    Just a shame that pop up headlights dont pass crash tests any more. They really would make this car!

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    Re: Real 430 Scudo chopped into a stratos

    If anyone has a 3d file of this give me a nudge

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    Re: Real 430 Scudo chopped into a stratos

    Yes ihave a 3d file of this

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    Re: Real 430 Scudo chopped into a stratos

    Fancy doing something with this enzodesigns i have access to cnc machine

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    Re: Real 430 Scudo chopped into a stratos

    So do I
    3 of them in my own workshop and a new one coming in June that'll do 4.8m by 2.4m by 2.4m in one go
    I realise your new on this forum and dont know me and what i do so I won't make any smart remarks google us or look at our website in the workshop section you'll see some of our facilities
    As for the stratos I doubt thers any Market for it
    It's not well enough know about to make sufficient sales numbers I'll make moulds for anyone who wants to try it

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