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Thread: 430 mr2 speedo kit

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    430 mr2 speedo kit

    this is our 430 speedo conversion for the mr2 roadster
    uses the standard mr2 backing and gauge needles
    by moving the fuel gauge down and round we fitted the 3rd gauge to the top but its non working
    if you look at a gen 430 the 3 gauges are on the left
    speedo's calibrated for 19 inch wheel available in mph or kph
    kit comes as gauge face, main surround, rev counter circle cover (silver bit) clear front cover (not pictured) and then finishing trim for front

    we sell just the gauge faces seperatly
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    Re: 430 mr2 speedo kit

    mph and kph gauge faces 100 each, these have the full shine through warnings and backilighting for the mr2 roadster
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    Re: 430 mr2 speedo kit

    and mph
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    Re: 430 mr2 speedo kit

    Nice, however i'd place the speedo at least till 300/320 kmh........original is till?

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    Re: 430 mr2 speedo kit

    We decided to go with the correct end position rather than the correct number
    To get 320 it would be straight down and looked to messy and wrong

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    Re: 430 mr2 speedo kit

    You guys are really into the top notch details which will set you apart from the want a bees. Keep up the excellent work.

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