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Thread: check out this 3000gt

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    check out this 3000gt

    pretty interesting huh? What do you guys think?

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    Re: check out this 3000gt

    That's way sick! Is it a replica or an original design? Sorry for the dumb question ??? ???

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    Re: check out this 3000gt

    Check out the web site they have some cool kits on there, prices seem somewhat steep.
    would need someone that lives in Thailand (preferably a native to chat with them and see what they would really sell for, It is the land of bargaining after all lol)

    I'm surprised that I had never herd of them before today

    regards pinin

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    Re: check out this 3000gt

    just been looking at the coming soon section and they have Toyota Supra Become to B Continental, wonder where the idea for that one came from? they also have Toyota Celica gen6 (gt4/4eye) Anex Pride cIX (aston martin) perhaps they have found our little forum as well lol
    The MRs to Boxter idea is quite funny i'm guessing boxters are still pricey over there.

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    Re: check out this 3000gt

    I would consider putting that kit on my GTO even though that kit is not exact 430 but I like the style especially the red one with 430 front lights.

    At least I know I would have Ferrari performance in the GTO, problem is the price its about 6000 without tax or shipping. My brother lives in Thailand about 200km from the body shop, I might ask him to take a look sometime and maybe see if they will do a deal, like half the price lol.

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    Re: check out this 3000gt

    i like the anex pride I ...

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